Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using Pickup Lines

We often ask couples how they first met or how they figured out if they were interested in their partner. This is a very common question and in most cases, people give a long or boring answer like he is intelligent or he was funny. However, most people do not know that within the first 30 seconds of your first interaction, you have already decided if you actually like a person. 

This is the reason ice-breaking sentences, pickup lines, or one-liner jokes that can communicate your feelings are very important.

As a relationship expert and counselor, I am often asked questions related to the importance of pickup lines and if they are effective. Well, to put it simply, yes, they work and I can scientifically prove it to you. You might be wondering why it is not working for me.

A very simple and easy answer to this question is that it is not meant for you. Yes, you have read it right. You need to invest some time in coming up with a good pickup line or at least know when and where to use a pickup line. Boring, lengthy, or undeletable pickup lines can instantly turn a fun situation into a hostile one, so you need to pick something that is natural and not forceful at all. 

Most people try to mimic TV series characters like Joey from Friends or Barney from How I Met Your Mother. I am not trying to discourage you but you are signing yourself up for a disaster if you are following them as role models. If you don’t know who I am talking about, maybe you need to watch both of these TV series. 

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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using Pickup Lines 

Now that I have elaborated on why pickup lines actually work, you might be thinking maybe there is something wrong with you. This is not true, most people face this issue. Even pickup lines that help you score in some cases, might lead to disastrous effects in other cases.

To make sure you get favorable results every time, here are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid: 

  • Use Signature Pickup Line 

One of the common mistakes is to use a single pickup line every time. To burst your delusional bubble, let me explain this to you. You are not Joey or Barney. In real-life situations, “Have we met Ted” or “What are you doing” will land you nowhere. In fact, you might end up offending someone with your suggestive comments. To make sure you are not using the old pickup lines, try to learn about timing, delivery, and other things that can help you make an impact. Limiting your choice of pickup lines will eventually limit your options as well, so keep your mind and eyes open. 

  • Use Complicated References

In most cases, pickup lines have some kind of reliable reference. It can be a TV show, your favorite book, or some political situation. However, most people have a very niche-based reference that is difficult for others to understand. Unless you are really looking for someone who relates to your ideas and interests, using a niche-based pickup line will instantly reduce your options.  

  • You Are Not Reading the Room

Reading the room is a very important and basic social skill. For instance, the pickup lines or icebreakers that can be used in daily conversations with your buddies can not be used in formal settings. This is a very important and basic tip that most people will not understand. While choosing your pickup line, make sure you understand the situation, judge the situation or at least know the person if they will be into it. 

  • Too Corny

One of the biggest issues that will result in failure is a common or boring pickup line. While using a pickup line, do not try to look around or copy things on the internet. Moreover, avoid predictable and boring pickup lines that you keep reading everywhere. 

For instance, if you see pickup lines online and they have mentioned that these pickup lines are common and used in most cases, this is an instant clue that others have heard of this as well. Trust me, nothing disappoints someone more than an old pickup line. In addition, it shows that you lack creativity. 

  • It’s Contradictory 

This is a very simple mistake that can be easily avoided if you have an eye for details. you need to know some details about the personality of the person. Picking up on body language, dressing sense, and situation is very important. 

Moreover, you are running a very thin line between progressive and vulgar within one sentence. You want to make sure you are open and progressive but never step it up so it can come off as misogynistic or offensive. 

6- Work on the Delivery 

Timing, delivery, and body language will ensure that your pickup line works every time. In most cases, people learn the pickup line but fail to deliver it or worse, forget the punchline. Just like a joke, you need to make sure that you are delivering your pickup line properly otherwise you will fail to make the impact and it will be an epic fail. 

Bottom Line 

To sum it all up, pickup lines actually work if you are not just narrating the obvious but rather complement every word with your body language, aura, and personality. To make sure your every pickup line gets you a score, make sure to focus on details and improve your social skills. In most cases, your social skills are enough to get you the attention you need.

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