Stand Up Pouches for Your Food Product

Have you started thinking about changing your food packaging to custom stand up pouches? You may have seen eye-catching products on store shelves and thought yours could look just as good or better. Changing your packaging is a big decision and can involve additional upfront costs, but do you know the benefits of moving to stand up pouches for your food products?

Product Protection

One of the most important reasons to switch to stand up pouches is their ability to protect your products and extend their shelf life. These packaging options have multiple films that can protect your food from moisture, oxygen, light and smells. This protects your product texture, taste and smell. It also prevents mold, microorganism and fungus growth.

Transparent Windows

If you want your customers to see what your food looks like, you can also include a transparent window. Through these windows, you can make your products eye-catching. Customers like to see what they buy before they do so. Therefore, transparent windows can increase sales. They can also see how much product is in your packaging.

You can customize your branding around the window and your food items. You may want to customize your window size. Determine how much of the product you want your customers to see. Edible products tend to have larger windows than non-edible items. Windows also help your clients monitor how much they eat or use at a time and how much they have left, giving them an idea of when they need to repurchase your food items.

Easily Transportable

Stand up pouches, such as quad seal coffee bags, are easily transportable. First, they conform to the product size and shape, so you don’t have excess packaging and space in side like you do with more rigid options, such as cardboard boxes. This compact size makes it easier to ship these products because they stack easily. You can ship more at a time as well. In addition, they tend to be lighter weight.

Your customers can also transport your foods easier because of the gusseted bottom, which keeps them upright. The resealable tops also make it easier to take your products with them without the chance of spilling the food. Single-serving options can even sit upright in a vehicle’s cup holder. Your customers don’t have to carry around heavier, bulky boxes. Instead, they can slide sleek pouches inside a purse or small bag.

Puncture & Tear Resistant

Stand up pouches contain durable materials. They contain laminated, plastic and foil materials. These layers are strong and resist punctures and tearing. You also don’t have to concern yourself with crushed boxes that damage your products or look bad on store shelves.


Stand up pouches tend to be more sustainable than other materials. They are lightweight and do not require the same amount of raw materials to make. In addition, their production and transport puts out fewer fossil fuel emissions. When your customers dispose of these packaging options, stand up pouches take up much less room in the landfill. In addition, some options are biodegradable, while others are reusable.

If you seek an innovative packaging solution that is fully customized, research printed film packaging with stand-up options.

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